In 2013, Giovanni Fele and Bastiano Secchi’s passion for beer gave birth to the ‘Nora artisan brewery, which opened its doors in Oliena, in the Nuoro province.

The brewery produces low fermentation and non-pasteurised lager beers: the result of an incessant process of research, experience and a passion for high quality products and the art of brewery.

In the selected recipes, the best malt and noble hops are combined with water flowing from the karstic ‘Su Golognoe’ source.

A soft water that has passed through Oliena for centuries sourced from the depths of the Supramonte, digging and carving the rock into fascinating landscape, it has nourished populations, priests and heroes as well as Marquises of the Kingdom of Sardinia and mountainous peoples. Water with precious features, the real secret behind ‘Nora’s Beers.

Why 'Nora? The name is inspired by the figure of judge and sovereign of Sardinia, Eleonora D'Arborea - the last regent of the indigenous Sardinian state, the Judge of Arborea.

In 1392, Eleonora declared the Charter of Logu, the code of laws of the Giudicato State of Sardinia.

This code of law once united all Sardinians and so does the ‘Nora Brewery seek to reunite all the islanders under the brewery’s name, founded in a territory that has been forever synonymous with wine production.

Giovanni and Bastiano’s interest and passion for beer allow Oliena to add through their beers new life to a rich and varied agricultural and food landscape.


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