Monte Pirastru
in Nughedu San Nicolò

In the heart of Northern Sardinia, surrounded by deciduous forests and Mediterranean shores is Monte Pirastro, a camping village, restaurant, bar and pizzeria.

Visit the official website and discover all the services offered by the facilities and the territory.

Ideal for a holiday to relax with active tourism in the heart of the facilities that gives visitors the opportunity to taste our beer. Nora will accompany you for a pleasant meal or dinner with company.

Nel cuore della Sardegna settentrionale, circondata da da boschi di sigherete e macchia mediterrania si trova la struttura Monte Pirastru, camping village, ristorante, bar, pizzeria.


At the Managheri Wine Bar in Oliena you can find the best ‘Nora artisan beers which have given Managheri the status of official tasting point.

Perfect to accompany typical Sardinian products, salmon, meat and vegetables from the surrounding region.

A resort with plenty to offer that is also a bed and breakfast for visitors to discover this corner of Sardinia and its many specialties.

Managheri Wine Bar Managheri Wine Bar Managheri Wine Bar


BEER BEGHE is our Food and typical street restaurant that is present at all the events and festivals on the island.

What can you eat at BEER BEGHE?

Sandwiches with horsemeat, pork, beef, sausages, fried potatoes and much more. We will be able to conquer the palate of craft beer lovers and Sardinian products.

We’re waiting for you in the main squares of Sardinia!

Nobel 26
IN Nuoro

To enjoy our beers, you can find ‘Nora Brewery products at the Nobel '26 in Nuoro, a literary café located in the space of the Exx Market in the centre of Nuoro.
Dedicated to the writer Grazia Deledda, awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926, the cafe features cultural initiatives ranging from book presentations, to concerts, theater performances, reading, food and wine tastings, debates and much more.

A relaxing and welcoming ambience that is the perfect backdrop to enjoy our artisan beers and a delicious cold table.


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