‘Nora is present at all major events in Sardinia providing beer tasting opportunities across the island.

Some events and exhibitions that featured ‘Nora include:

  • Birralguer, Festa Della Birra – Alghero
  • Autumn in Barbagia
  • Bside Artisan Beer Festival

Autumn in Barbagia

A circuit that runs between September and December in the towns in inner Sardinia, which offer visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a journey of millennial traditions, arts and crafts that our communities preserve with pride. 

Our treasures are made up of local knowledge, including wearing the typical costume and making traditional and innovative local products together. The ‘Nora Brewery participates in this originality workshop, which is a treasury showcasing the true wealth of the land.

birrificio birre artigianali badesi mare


'Nora participates in the craft beer fair at Badesi Mare, where 4 craft breweries marry their products with typical Sardinian dishes. 

A combination that brings breweries and the public together, accompanied by live music and a DJ set, to enjoy the freshness of fun and food drinking.

Sant’Efisio Cagliari

A festival inviting the faithful and participants from all over the world to celebrate the holy warrior who defeated the plague that was decimating Sardinia. 

Every 1st of May, the statue of Sant'Efisio paves the way to the resort on the coastline where his martyrdom occurred and the village celebrates the feast until the statue returns on May 4. The 'Nora Brewery participates in this international event in a festival of sounds, scents and colours.

In Vino Veritas

The Winefestival 2017 afterparty will take place at the In Vino Veritas at Poro Cervo – Piazza Azzurra.

The best of food and wine in the Costa Smeralda also features the ‘Nora Brewery with its display and artisan beers tasting, offering plenty of choice, traditions and novelty.

Monte Pirastru

A Weekend at Monte Pirastru with craft beers, live music and a DJ set, vintage car show and gorgeous scenery featuring Mount Pirastru at Nughedu San Nicolò. 

The brewery attends the event with its brewery specialties.


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